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4/08 - Happy End of Windows XP Day, Everyone!
I talked the MOREC I mentioned in the previous update over with a friend, and decided to go through with it. So here it is, a reminder to the Internet that I Am a Horrible Person.

4/01 - Vinegar is Sweet Compared to You
I had an April Fool's themed MOREC planned for today, but kept going back and forth on whether or not I should go through with it. Long story short, I donned a laughably thin disguise and figuratively hurled a brick with my review tied to it through WaterMelon's window, then took some photos of the monkeys flinging their poo in retaliation. On one hand, the whole thing seemed extraordinarily shitty even for me. On the other hand, I'd already done the shittiest part of it, and there's some things somebody really needs to call attention to like how one of the characters in an upcoming project is clearly a modified Witcher emblem. Then some... um, unpleasantries arose at an affiliated forum, and because of some names I brought up in the MOREC I felt it would have been an extremely tasteless thing to post right now. Maybe I'll post it later when the dust settles and I'm in another especially crabby mood, or I may edit the more relevant parts into a future Odds and Ends MOREC.

But I will go ahead and post the other item I had planned to offset the bitterness of the whole thing, that being the March 2014 quickies.

Also, many thanks to site reader B16kilgore for notifying me that my Donate button wasn't working. I had a friend test it when I first put it up, but somehow it got broken since then.

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