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8/21 - No, I Still Haven't Forgiven This Game's Ending
Over in Game Music there's a new listing for NIER. I've said before that I think this game's soundtrack is a bit overrated, but what the hell, it's decent enough and I needed a break from Lemmings music.

And another shoutout to Whitney for pointing out I had two songs with the same description and left a sentence unfinished over in the Lemmings music.

UPDATE UPDATE: Oh, well, I just received a newsletter from WaterMelon announcing their intentions to make an action RPG for the Dreamcast. You mean these guys still haven't taken me off their mailing list after this?

2) There was a bug that caused "The Incomplete Stone" to only be partially uploaded. The full version is up, so if you tried to download it earlier and it cut out about thirty seconds in, try again. Hooray for aggressively limited bandwidth caps and not being able to check this shit.

8/13 - Super Chevon Boy
Two things, today. For the hors d'oeuvres, the rest of the 3D Lemmings soundtrack has been posted over in the Lemmings Music, and the Win95 music has been reinstated.

For the main course we have the July quickies. So much for going back to doing those every other month.

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